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The AKIOS Hellrazor SS420 rod is a high-performance fishing rod designed for saltwater fishing. It has been specifically engineered to handle the challenges of casting heavy lures and catching large fish.


Key Features:


1. Length: The AKIOS Hellrazor SS420 rod is 14 feet long, providing increased casting distance and leverage when fighting powerful fish.


2. Construction: The rod is made from premium carbon blank with a responsive tip and powerful backbone. This combination provides a balance of sensitivity and strength, allowing you to feel even the most subtle bites while ensuring enough power to handle big fish.


3. Power and Action: The Hellrazor SS420 is rated as a heavy power rod with a moderate fast action. This means it has the strength to handle large fish and can cast heavy lures accurately while still providing the flexibility needed to detect bites.


4. Guides: The rod is equipped with high-quality sea guides that are designed to minimize friction and maximize casting distance. These guides are also resistant to the corrosive effects of saltwater, ensuring long-lasting performance.


5. Handle: The Hellrazor SS420 features a comfortable and durable handle made from EVA foam. It provides a firm grip even in wet conditions and minimizes fatigue during long fishing sessions.


Overall, the AKIOS Hellrazor SS420 rod is a top choice for anglers looking for a powerful, sensitive, and durable rod for saltwater fishing. Whether you're targeting big game fish or casting heavy lures from shore, this rod will not disappoint.

Akios Hellrazor SS420 Continental Fishing Rod 4.2m

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