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Vass-Tex Fishing Wear is known for its innovative products designed to meet the demands of anglers, providing protection from the elements while ensuring comfort and functionality. Their range includes fishing jackets, bib and brace sets, trousers, waders, and gloves, all designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep fishermen dry and comfortable.


Their products are often made with heavy-duty materials, such as waterproof PVC or PU coated fabrics, allowing anglers to fish in wet or muddy environments without worrying about getting wet or dirty.


They offer a wide range of sizes and designs to cater to different fishing preferences and styles, including both lightweight and heavy-duty options. Vass-Tex products are trusted by both recreational anglers and professional fishermen alike, and are popular choices for those who frequently fish in challenging conditions.


Vass-Tex Fishing Wear has gained a reputation for their durable and reliable products, and their brand is well-known and respected in the fishing community.

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