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Acknowledging the increasing demand from big fish hunters for a powerful rod with an added touch of feel and finesse, AKIOS went to work.


The Akios Creed GP420 is a fishing rod designed for multiplier reel use. It is part of Akios' Creed series, known for their performance and quality.


The Creed GP420 is a versatile rod that is suitable for a variety of fishing styles, including beach casting, rough ground fishing, and general shore fishing. It is typically constructed from high modulus carbon fiber blanks, which provide strength, sensitivity, and the backbone needed to handle powerful fish. The length of the Creed GP420 is approximately 14 feet (4.2 meters), which gives anglers the ability to achieve long casting distances.


It is designed to work well with multiplier reels, providing the necessary power and control when casting heavy leads or baits. The rod features a responsive tip section that provides sensitivity for detecting subtle bites and bites at long distances.


The progressively powerful blank offers a good balance between casting power and fish-fighting ability. The Creed GP420 tends to have a medium to fast action, which helps in achieving longer casting distances and better control over the fish once hooked.


Other features of the Akios Creed GP420 may include a lightweight and durable construction, stainless steel guides with low-profile ceramic rings to reduce line friction, and a comfortable and ergonomic reel seat.


Overall, the Akios Creed GP420 is a popular choice among anglers who want a high-quality and versatile rod for multiplier reel fishing. Its excellent casting performance, sensitivity, and durability make it suitable for various fishing applications from the shore or beach.

Akios CREED GP420 2-Piece Rod 4.2m 13ft 10in

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