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The Akios Airspeed 435 MkII Black Edition fishing rod is a high-quality, specialized fishing rod designed for long-distance casting and exceptional fishing performance.


Here are some details about the Akios Airspeed 435 MkII Black Edition fishing rod:


1. Length and Action: The rod is 14 feet (435 cm) long, providing an extended casting range and excellent leverage for fighting big fish. It is designed with a progressive action, which means the rod has a flexible tip that gradually stiffens toward the butt section. This action helps achieve long, accurate casts while maintaining the power to handle larger fish.


2. Blank Construction: The rod features a lightweight and durable high-modulus carbon blank construction, ensuring sensitivity, strength, and optimal performance. The black edition of the rod has a sleek and stylish finish.


3. Guides: The Airspeed 435 MkII Black Edition rod is equipped with high-quality Fuji K guides. These guides are designed to minimize line friction, maximize casting distance, and prevent tangles or line wear during high-speed casting.


4. Reel Seat: The rod typically includes a secure and ergonomic Fuji DPS reel seat, allowing for a firm and comfortable grip on the reel, while also providing good control and stability during casting and retrieval.


5. Handle: The rod features a comfortable and durable handle made from high-quality materials, such as cork or EVA foam. The handle offers a comfortable grip and allows for precise control during casting, even in wet conditions.


6. Casting Range: The Airspeed 435 MkII Black Edition rod is designed for long-distance casting. It can handle various casting weights, typically ranging from 4-8 ounces (113-226 grams), making it suitable for both beach and rock fishing.


7. Target Species: The rod is designed to handle a wide range of species found in surf and shore fishing, including sea bass, cod, mackerel, flatfish, and more. Its strength and casting capabilities make it well-suited for targeting larger fish and casting out bait or lures to longer distances.

The AKIOS Airspeed Surf 435 MKII Black Edition Continental Rod

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VAT Included
    • Nano-Carbon Blank Construction for Exceptional Strength and Casting Performance
    • Spyrowrap Reinforced Hybrid Power
    • Hybrid Tip for Superior Bite Registration
    • Fuji Anti-Tangle Alconite KWAG Guides
    • Fuji DPS Screw Lock Reel Seat
    • Ergonomic EVA Shaped Casting Rear Grip
    • Metal Band Reinforced Spigots for Additional Joint Strength
    • Sure-Grip System (SGS) to Aid Rod Dismantling
    • 3x Removeable Counterbalance Butt Weights
    • Supplied with a Padded Cloth Rod Bag


    • Rod Length: 4.35m / 14.5ft
    • Butt Diameter: 22.5mm
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