Reliable, front drag reel for the tougher types of fishing – surf casting and carp fishing. Large, tapered aluminium spool for long casts. 7 ball bearings, CNC aluminium handle.


Perfect to use with either braided or monofilament line. The inner workings of this reel also benefit from a worm shaft.


This is a long cylindrical type of gear that provides a surface for ball bearings to ride on. By using the worm shaft on a fishing reel, the operator can crank the reel’s handle at a comfortable speed while the worm gear slows its action down to a manageable speed. This reduction in speed also increases the amount of power the reel has to do battle with a big fish.


Fladen Maxximus Big Shooter Reel FD7000 + Worm Shaft

VAT Included
    • Large, tapered aluminium spool for long casts
    • 7 ball bearings
    • CNC aluminium handle
    • Perfect for both braided line and monofilament line
    • 6+1 Ball Bearings
    • 4:1.1 Gear Ratio
  • 30 Day Returns Policy