Handy for when the debate of the weight of your mates fish starts, just pull these bad boys out and get the true gauge!


Also handy for weighing your own of course!


T-bar shaped, digital scale, for weighing fish up to 25 kilos. It has a large LCD screen that displays in pounds and kilos and gives you a battery level indication.


It also stores the heaviest weight. The tare weight function allows you to set the weight at zero with the weigh sling already attached, to exclude its weight.


Requires 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (not included). A power saving feature will automatically shut off the scale after 60 seconds, to prolong the battery life.

D.A.M Digital Waterproof Fishing Scale 25kg

VAT Included
    • Weighs up to 25kg/55lbs fish
    • Accuracy: 10g
  • 30 Day Returns Policy