The deck of the Cruiser double kayak is fully drop-stitched, making it super-rigid and incredibly stable once inflated due to the 1000's of reinforcing nylon stitches running through the deck chamber. The drop-stitched deck means that the Cruiser double kayak won’t fold in half the moment it hits some surf or mild water like cheap inflatable kayaks do.


The high volume tube sides make this kayak super-stable on the water.

This drop-stitch double kayak transforms upon inflation, becoming super-strong and buoyant whilst still being easy to store and transport.


When fully inflated (max PSI of 10) this inflatable kayak offers a rigid construction, providing a stable and comfortable craft. Designed for paddling on lakes, calm rivers & at the seaside, the Cruiser makes a perfect entry-level inflatable drop stitched kayak for people who loves adventure without the hassle of transporting or storing a solid 2 person kayak.


When deflated the Bluewave Cruiser kayak fits in the carry bag supplied. The carry bag has wheels to allow easy transportation of the kayak and removes weight concerns. Alternatively, this carry bag also features straps meaning the bag may also be carried as backpack for when you want to get to those out of the way launching spots.


The Cruiser double inflatable kayak is perfect for cruising with 2 and a light load, but also has the volume and storage space needed for longer trips. It is a great choice for everyone from beginners to intermediate level paddlers.


The Cruiser inflatable double kayak releases you for adventures without the hassle of storing and transporting a large rigid double kayak.


Cruiser Hybrid Double Inflatable Kayak with Accessories




Included as standard:


  • Two padded seats
  • One 2-way speed pump
  • One wheeled carry bag
  • One fin
  • One repair kit
  • Two 4-piece paddles
  • Two foam footrests

Cruiser Hybrid Drop Stitch Double Inflatable Kayak | Orange *Order for 24th Aug

VAT Included