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The Tronixpro Competition Match GT rod is a high-quality fishing rod designed specifically for match or float fishing. It features a lightweight and slim carbon construction, making it easy to handle and cast accurately.


The Competition Match GT rod comes in different lengths to suit different fishing conditions and angler preferences. It has a sensitive and responsive tip that allows for detecting even the slightest bites, ensuring you do not miss any opportunities.


The rod has a progressive action, meaning it has a soft tip for accurate casting and hooking. As you move down the rod's length, it gradually stiffens, providing the power needed to control and land larger fish. This makes it suitable for targeting a wide range of species, from small silverfish to larger carp and bream.


The Tronixpro Competition Match GT rod also comes equipped with high-quality guides and a reliable reel seat, ensuring smooth line flow and secure reel attachment. It has a comfortable handle with a non-slip grip, allowing for extended fishing sessions without discomfort.


Overall, the Tronixpro Competition Match GT rod is a versatile and reliable tool for match fishing enthusiasts who want a rod that combines sensitivity, accuracy, and power.

Tronixpro Competition Match GT 100-190g 3 Section Rod

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