Chris Chappell

About Us

Chris Chappell was always a keen angler since he was a child, as well as working with the bands The Sweet and Smokey back in the day!


His first venture into the fishing trade was back in the early 90's when he started to sell chandlery from a small unit in West Bay, Dorset.

He then progressed to a small tackle shop also in West Bay, before taking the leap to Seaton, Devon in 2000. 

Seaton is where Chris set up Seaton Tackle Shop, which continued to thrive year on year.

With Chris's Tea Cafe also attached to the tackle shop, Seaton Angling & Kayak Centre has become a valuable community hub.

In the last few years Chris decided to have a dabble in the Kayak trade and it took off straight away,

which is why we are now known as Seaton Angling & Kayak Centre.


2021 has seen us breaking all sorts of records in kayak numbers!

He also supported 2 local Angling clubs, Axmouth S.A.C and Honiton S.A.C and we continue to do so!

Sadly we lost Chris October 2020, which absolutely devastated a the Seaton Community and the shock of Chris' departure was felt all over the country.

He was an absolutely brilliant man!

The business is now being run by Chris' sons and highly experienced angler, Shop Manager Pete.

We aim to continue providing the best value and the best advice out there in both fishing and kayaking and we hope we exceed your expectations.

We are the most down to earth team there is and we are in it for you Anglers and Dad’s memory.

In honour of our Dad/Friend.....

'Tight Lines'!